We offer "Female Only" appointments for all our tests, including echocardiograms.

Please ask for our "Female Only" option if you prefer an all female team (cardiac technician, sonographer and/or cardiologist) for your test.


This service is performed externally – a referral for this service is arranged following a formal Consultation with one of our Cardiologists. 

A Coronary Artery Calcium (CAC) Score is a non-invasive test that quantifies the amount of calcium plaque in your heart arteries – the higher the calcium score, the higher the risk of a “heart attack” in the future.  

The CAC Score provides a personalised assessment of an individual’s cardiac risk prior to symptoms such as chest pain and/or shortness of breath developing.  Identification of coronary artery calcium can enable a proactive risk optimisation strategy to reduce the risk of a future “heart attack”.   

This test is only suitable if you are free of symptoms.  Thus, the CAC Score can be used to screen asymptomatic patients to assess their coronary artery disease risk, especially patients with heart-related risk factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and/or a family history of heart disease.

This test is performed in a specialist radiology centre. Unlike a CT Coronary Angiogram, a CAC Score does not require intravenous contrast, heart rate lowering or any specific preparation.  The scan itself only takes a few minutes.

The CAC Score reflects the total amount of calcium deposits in the heart arteries – a score of zero suggests a very low chance of developing a heart attack in the next 5-10 years.  When calcium is present, the higher the score, the higher your risk of heart attack.  You may also receive a “percentile score”, which indicates your amount of calcium compared to those of the same age and gender as you. 

After your scan is completed, you can return to your normal daily activities (inc. driving).  

Appropriate follow-up of your result will be arranged by referring doctor.